Has Barbie Got Better In 2013?

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On Christmas Eve, Michelle Obama was reported saying, “When I was little I loved Barbie dolls. I was a big Barbie doll kid, and every Christmas I got a new Barbie. One year I got the Barbie townhouse and the camper.  It was very exciting”.

I was a little surprised when I heard Ms Obama providing a free White House endorsement for Mattel’s product. Barbie’s obscene spending habits may be the only thing to jump-start the US economy, but didn’t the First Lady get the memo that the controversial doll and her whole pink infested lifestyle is a disgrace to the sisterhood?

But then I recalled a chance meeting with a Mattel marketing exec. “Barbie is a feminist doll,” she explained to me while we watched our kids take their first swimming lessons.

Since I’d only just met the woman and we were making polite conversation, I resisted the urge to throw my head back and howl with laughter. Instead I bit my tongue.

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