Fat Shaming Kim Kardashian

The pregnant body is a wonderful thing. It can turn a microscopic embryo into a person complete with a heart, a brain and an immune system pretty much on autopilot.

But there’s one area of pregnancy where a woman’s body is not to be trusted. Ever. When it comes to appetite, cravings and weight gain ALERT, ALERT, SYSTEM FAILURE!

After all, what would a pregnant woman’s body, with a mere few million years of evolution under her belt, know about the optimal composition for a pregnant woman’s body?


That goes double if the pregnant body in question happens to belong to a celebrity like Kim Kardashian.

Fortunately, expert help is at hand. Australia’s leading journal of maternal wellbeing — I speak of course, of Woman’s Day — has put together a panel of experts, variously known as Kim’s ‘friends’ and anonymous sources, to discuss Kim’s ‘Out of Control’ thirty-kilo weight gain.

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