Employers don’t care about what you did on Facebook

Employers don't care about what you did on Facebook thumbnail

Social media could ruin your job prospects.

That was the message of last week’s ‘Social Media Is Destroying Your Life’ announcement. Employers,¬†so the story goes, will soon be able to use algorithms to scan your social media presence, and determine if you’re suitable for a job. It conjures a frightening world where Mark Zuckerberg is everyone’s Big Brother.

Or perhaps not. New research by¬†Graduate Careers Australia suggests that Australian employers aren’t much interested in finding out just how funny you are when you’re drunk.

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One thought on “Employers don’t care about what you did on Facebook

  1. I believe it depends on the nature of the industry you`re working in. For example, in professional services, I know Partners who would scan a prospective employee`s Facebook page. If they didn`t like what they saw, the candidate wouldn`t progress very far throughout the recruitment process.

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