Do we really have to love every moment of parenting?

Do we really have to love every moment of parenting? thumbnail

“Those were the days, weren’t they?” said an old man to his wife as he watched Popsugar writer Lauren Turner scramble off a beach in bad weather. Turner was wrestling with two young children covered in sand and sunscreen and an arm full of wet towels and toys.

According to Turner, the comment sparked an epiphany and changed the way she parents.

“In the weeks since, I’ve made a conscious effort to replay those words and that scene at the beach in my mind,” writes Turner in her article. “We were sticky with sunscreen, hair tangled from the wind, hands full of stuff, dragging our babies through the sand, and instead of seeing chaos, that man saw us as a beautiful memory of his own young family.’

I’m all for looking for the joy in situations, and as someone who battled with infertility I know what a gift it is to have children, but do we have to cherish every moment of parenting?

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