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I’ve just realised why the feminist movement has stalled. It’s because women don’t have the right equipment. And no, I’m not talking about the contents of our undies.

For the last 20 years my sisters and I have been forced to make do with computers that were designed by men, for men.  No wonder we haven’t managed to crack the glass ceiling.

The blinkers fell from my eyes yesterday when I came across an email from the helpful people at Fujitsu for their new ‘Floral Kiss’ line of PCs. In the minds of Fujitsu, this is the computer ‘For Women, By Women’.

As the accompanying press release explains: ‘the Floral Kiss project was born from the desire of Fujitsu’s female employees to create a PC that women would find appealing. The new series, developed under the concept of bringing elegance to all aspects of PC design — from hardware to applications — was created with this aim in mind.’

And the girlfriends at Fujitsu have thought of all the important things a modern woman needs. Forget about processor speeds, RAM or graphics cards, the designers went all out and changed the colour of the lid. Floral Kiss computers come in colours including ‘Elegant White’ and ‘Feminine Pink’. (I’m not sure how feminine pink differs from pink, but hey, I’ll leave all those technical details to the boundary-pushers and game-changers at Fujitsu.)

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