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When Kasey Edwards discovers she’ll be infertile within a year, she is forced to bring the baby issue to the forefront of her mind. In 30-Something and the Clock Is Ticking, she explores what motherhood would mean to her identity, her career, her body, her relationships and her mental health.

What would it be like to want a baby but be unable to have one? Would it leave a void that can’t be filled with a couple of poodles and designer shoes? Would her life be ruined? Or what would it be like to have a baby only to discover she preferred her life before?

Seeking a definitive answer to whether motherhood would make her life better worse, Kasey speaks to people who have children and people who don’t; people who claim motherhood is the best thing they’ve ever done and people who say it’s the worst. She discovers how the desire for a baby can drive people to the brink of insanity, the logistical challenges of ovulating and trying to conceive on a long-haul flight, the indignity and despair of IVF and the price of buying sperm on the Internet.

This witty memoir will make you laugh, cry and ponder the joys and regrets of motherhood. It will inspire you to tackle the baby issue head-on and on your own terms, rather than letting time, denial and social pressures make the decision for you.

Kasey reading the Introduction to 30-Something and the Clock is Ticking

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