Classic movie lessons about romance for my daughters

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Tell me more,

Tell me more,

Did she put up a fight?

I’d seen Grease before, but when I watched it again the other night, this line from ‘Summer Nights’ had me choking on my tea.

It wasn’t just the description of sexual assault set to the beat of classic rock ‘n’ roll and the disregard for Sandy as anything but a conquest that shocked me.

In all the times I’d watched Grease as a girl – and it’s too many to count – the sexism and derogatory attitudes about women had passed right by me. I’d certainly never questioned them.

In fact, I saw Danny (John Travolta) and Sandy’s (Olivia Newton-John) relationship as the pinnacle of romance and love. This is what my friends and I hoped for ourselves when we grew up. If only we could be ‘loved’ like Sandy.

Sure, Grease is a corny movie about the 50s, made in the 1970s with a large slab of nostalgia, but the result of these kinds of movies – and the larger culture of which they’re a part – can lead to bad choices.

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