Can Plus Size Nude Portraits Change Our Beauty Standards?

Celebrity comedians aside, overweight women are pretty much invisible in the media. When they do appear, they’re typically the backdrop in yet another round of tut-tutting about obesity rates. And even then, they’re photographed with their backs turned, or they’re dehumanised by having their heads out of shot.

Italian photographer Yossi Loloi is on a quest to change this. Loloi’s collection of images, the Full Beauty Project, challenges the view that fat bodies should be hidden or are deserving of scorn. His photographs depict naked obese women in all their voluptuousness.

<i></i>Photo: Full Beauty Project

“In my work I portray what larger women represent to me. I focus on their fullness and femininity, as a form of protest against discrimination set by media and by today’s society,” Loloi explains on his website.

“I believe we own ‘freedom of taste’ and [we] shouldn’t be reluctant of expressing [our] inclination towards it. Limiting this freedom is living in a dictatorship of aesthetics.”

The absence of clothes isn’t the most revealing aspect of Loloi’s work. Rather, it’s the absence of shame.


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