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When Kasey Edwards discovers she’ll be infertile within a year, she is forced to bring the baby issue to the forefront of her mind. In 30-Something and the Clock Is Ticking, she explores what motherhood would mean to her identity, her career, her body, her relationships and her mental health.

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30-Something and Over It

Have you ever woken up and realised that you didn’t want to go to work? I don’t mean you had a big night and wanted to sleep in, or you’ve got a boring day of meetings ahead of you that you can’t be bothered sitting through. I’m talking about being over it — completely and utterly over it.

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OMG! That’s Not My…

If you have kids, you’ll be familiar with the ‘That’s Not My’ series from Usborne. Now try the adult parody versions: OMG! That’s Not My Husband and OMG! That’s Not My Child.

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Why Do So Many Brides Suffer From Post-Wedding Blues?

New research shows that things start turning sour soon after the bride tosses her bouquet.

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