Body-Shaming New Mums

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Mother bashing has just entered a new whole era of snark. Mother of three and fitness blogger Maria Kang has posted a photo on Facebook showing off her sculpted abs in front of her kids with the caption, “What’s your excuse?”


It would seem that if you don’t have a six-pack by the time your baby is crawling then you’re a slovenly disgrace and you owe the world — or Ms Kang at least — an explanation.

According to Jezebel, the picture of Kang and her kids has been viewed 16 million times and the reaction to the fat shaming has been overwhelmingly negative.  It warms the cockles of my heart to see how the world has told Ms Kang to go and get stuffed.

Citing her provocation as ‘arrogant’ and labeling her a ‘bully’, commenters offered a whole range of ‘excuses’ for why their post-baby bodies don’t look like hers, such as: genetics, maternal age, wealth, priorities and even cancer.

Mother-of-two Sarah responded, “First: many of us end up with stretch marks after kids…. A LOT OF THEM!…Second: I am an avid runner. I run my two kids in a double jogger. Do I look like a runner? Nope. As a matter of fact, unless people know me, they don’t believe me. I do half and full marathons… People like you who post pictures like this make people like me cry because I know that without surgery to lose the extra skin I will never look like you.”


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