Why Do So Many Brides Suffer From Post-Wedding Blues?

New research shows that things start turning sour soon after the bride tosses her bouquet.

No One Needs To Worry About ‘Pregnancy Abs’

The ‘pregnancy abs’ thing began after lingerie model Sarah Stage started posting her pregnant belly selfies online.

Six Of The Most Dangerous Toddler Food Trends

Pete Evans’ paleo cookbook for kids has caused a storm. But there are plenty of other unsafe food trends for babies and toddlers.

Stay Out Of My Child’s Lunch Box

As a brand new school mum, I’ve recently discovered that schools have assumed the role of the Lunch Box Police.

Meet The ‘DUFF’, The Designated Ugly Fat Friend

It’s a new term for an old idea, but the relatability of the label among girls points to an epidemic of low self-esteem.

“My daughter is fat, isn’t it my job to tell her?”

No, it’s not. Here’s why.

Why It’s So Dangerous To Assume That ‘Fit’ Equals ‘Healthy’

Five signs you’re an exercise addict.

How To Talk To Your Daughter About Weight

Five things I’m determined to do to help my daughters avoid body hatred.

Stop Blaming Women For Not Pushing For Pay Rises

Bank bosses think they have found a curious ‘solution’ to Australia’s gaping gender pay gap.

When Being Envious Of Your Friends Can Be A Good Thing

New research suggests that not all envy is dastardly; some of it might even make you a better person.

The Eight Stages Of Early Parenthood

To become a well functioning parent, there are 8 stages you’ll need to transition through to adjust to your new life.

Why Do Unhappy Couples Stay Together?

Couples who resign themselves to unhappiness for a long time before cutting their losses.

Five things the diet industry doesn’t want you to know in 2015

Starting with: a goal of weight loss is setting yourself up for another year of failure.

I Was Fat-Shamed By My Doctor

The fear of being weighed is the most significant factor in women postponing or cancelling medical appointments.

The One Interview Question I Always Lie About

Sadly, the attitude that protecting women’s rights is bad for business still exists.

New York Plastic Surgeon Wants To Give You ‘Vacation Breasts’

Finally, just what women need — an ‘insta boob job’.

Meet The Mpregs: Male Pregnancy Enthusiasts

There are thousands of men who fantasise about being pregnant.

What I Learned From Katie Hopkins’ ‘To Fat And Back’

Meet the British social commentator who gained 20kg to prove a point.

I’m Not The Person My Husband Married

And here’s why I don’t want to be.

The Real Reason ‘No Kids Policies’ Are So Absurd

If children are unwelcome in public space, then women are unwelcome also.

When Your Six-Year-Old’s School Picture Is Photoshopped

“I don’t want a perfect photo, I want a photo of my perfect child.”

Are We Expecting Too Little From Our Boys?

How many times have you seen girls’ anti-social behavior dismissed as ‘girls being girls’?

Verona Shames Women With Feminine Hygiene Ad Campaign

A new female hygeine range wants to empower ladies by making over our ‘intimate zones’.

Is The Beta Male The New ‘Catch’?

Why high performing women need to rethink the idea that Alpha women should be with with ‘Alpha men’.

Role-Playing With Stolen Baby Photographs

Why this is the most sinister trend to have taken off on Instagram.

The Obsession With ‘Good Girls Turned Bad’ Sex Tips

Let’s take a look at the lamentable advice from this month’s Men’s Health, shall we?

#ViolenceIsViolence Downplays The Gendered-Nature Of Violence

Rather than playing the victim card, men need to take responsibility both individually and collectively for male violence towards women.

Why I Am Preparing My Daughters To Be Single Women

We need to remind our children (and ourselves) that being in a bad relationship is not a better alternative to being single.

Should You Ever Sue Your Boss?

The recent case of British police officer Carol Howard, is a painful illustration of the high price that people can pay for speaking out against discrimination.

How Liveable Are Our Cities If Women Don’t Feel Safe?

Melbourne might be top of the ‘Global Liveability Ranking’, but don’t pop the champagne just yet.

Do You Suffer From Asker’s Syndrome?

It’s a little understood, but surprisingly common condition that afflicts women from all walks of life.

The Lie Women Are Told About Breastfeeding And Weightloss

And how it sets new mothers up to feel like failures.

Why The #Worldstoughestjob Viral Ad Is Offensive And Regressive

We need to stop celebrating an advertisement that reinforces stereotypes.

Being male doesn’t make you a role model

Aren’t we setting the bar a little too low for male role models if all they have to do to qualify is to pee standing up?

Why Are Pregnant Women Always Naked On Magazine Covers?

Megan Gale on the cover of marie claire is the genre’s latest victim. What’s so unpalatable about having some clothes on?

The Test That Shows How You Treat Women At Work

Being a good leader for women is easier said than done.

Are Selfies Sparking More Plastic Surgery?

A new survey shows more women are getting surgically enhanced for the sake of Instagram.

Banned From School For Having An Eating Disorder

16-year-old British girl Lottie Twiselton has allegedly been excluded from her school because she’s recovering from anorexia.

Why You Should Talk Politics On Your First Date

Especially the ‘boner-killing’ kind.

What is missing from the Ban Bossy campaign?

When my daughter acts in ways that are commonly described as bossy, I cringe but bite my tongue.

Stay-at-home dad tries, fails to crowdfund a salary

The irony is that Dolgin has ended up looking like the very thing he claimed to be fighting against – the image of the bumbling, clueless father.

Barbie scores a ‘Sports Illustrated’ cover

Am I the only one who things grown men perving at a little girl’s doll is on the wrong side of creepy?

The truth about RIE parenting

Most of RIE is uncontroversial. But from the reporting you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a cross between Amish and negligence.

The Pitfalls Of Parenting A Highly Successful Child

Starting with: knowing when to let go.

People Play Matchmaker To Make Themselves Happier

Think that blind date your friend set you up on had your best interests at heart? Think again.

Is Exercise The New Humblebrag?

It seems like overachievers have found another way of separating themselves from the pack.

Can We Stop Talking About ‘Cleavage Trends’?

It seems like your breasts, no matter what shape, will never be good enough.

When Your Dream Job Becomes A Nightmare

What happens when you’ve achieved everything you always wanted only to discover you didn’t want it at all?

Biggest Loser Winner Rachel Frederickson: Shamed For Being Too Fat, Now Shamed For Being Too Thin

It seems that even if you take the US $250,000 prize you just can’t win.

Why My Daughter Can Wear What She Likes

Children, particularly girls, should be allowed to be in charge of their appearance.

Judged For Having An Elective Caesarean

It’s time to banish the assumption that women who opt for a c-section are lazy and self-indulgent.

When Violence Is Hard To Talk About

What happens when the perpetrators of violent crimes aren’t trench-coat wearing strangers.

Is The Biggest Loser Preying On Disadvantaged Communities?

Why the people of Ararat are likely to be left in an even worse state than when the show arrived.

Stop Worrying About Falling Off The ‘Diet Wagon’

A six-step guide to fighting everyday food guilt.

Why ‘outsourcing’ parenting is the new village

‘Outsourcing Parenting’: The new derogatory term to lay the boot into working mothers.

Women ‘Secretly Enjoy Doing Household Chores’

According to UK TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp, that is.

The Best Ice-Breakers For Girls

What to say to young girls apart from ‘you’re so pretty’.

How to fake a weight loss ‘transformation’

The truth behind those weight loss ‘transformations’ is simpler than you might think.

The Problem With ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’

When keeping your wife happy is a form of emotional abuse rather than romantic investment.

Is A Children’s Book About Periods A Good Idea?

Have we gone too far in the direction of celebrating our periods?

How To Do Gender Neutral Parenting

A new book reveals all the common gender traps that parents fall into — despite their best intentions.

How To IVF-Proof Your Marriage

IVF takes its toll on your body, your emotional state and sometimes … your relationship.

What My Daughter Taught Me About Body Image

Things we can all learn by observing a four-year-old child.

When your family is addicted to schedules

Are we so uncomfortable with free time that we are running away from it?

Why Is Marriage Advice Always Aimed At Women?

Is it really a woman’s work to ‘keep the marriage alive’?

The People Who Threaten To Quit Social Media

New research reveals who tend to make empty threats, and who actually go through with it.

Are We Too Invested In Birthing Performance?

A drug-free vaginal birth is held up as the gold standard of female empowerment.

Body-Shaming New Mums

How mother of three and fitness blogger Maria Kang sparked online rage with a grossly insensitive message.

When Birth Control Pills Become Dangerous

One author on how taking oral contraceptives left her suffering bouts of anxiety and paranoia.

Can Plus Size Nude Portraits Change Our Beauty Standards?

Should artists use naked photos to validated the experiences of overweight women?

The Celebrated Viral Video Designed To Make You Feel IPhone-Guilt Gets It All Wrong

Does ‘the best video on the internet’ really make a valid point? This celebrated video about iPhone addiction isn’t the masterpiece it’s being hailed as.

Why Wonder Woman isn’t being made into a film

We are allowed to play, just so long as we don’t show up the blokes.

Lying About IVF Treatments

Why do so many women feel the need to keep their fertility treatment a secret?

Why Cute Plus Size Clothes Are So Damn Hard To Find

Apparently, designers aren’t taught how to make them.

What’s The Difference Between A Cook And A Chef?

The answer might surprise you.

When You’re Attracted To An Alpha Male

Why do some of us get turned on by fictional characters who would be issued with restraining orders in real life?

Don’t Compliment Me For Losing Weight

How to handle awkward ‘compliments’ about your weight.

The Problem With My Big Fat Revenge

When will TV execs be done with humiliating body transformation shows?

Are parents of firstborn girls more likely to split?

An economist reveals that there is less chance of the husband leaving the marriage where the firstborn is a boy.

Stop Asking My Daughter To Give You A Kiss

I stood there silently and watched as she hesitated, flinched and then obliged.

French Fathers Don’t Change Nappies

The bizarre argument that men should save themselves for the ‘more important tasks’ of parenthood.

The Flexible Workplace Myth

Clinging to full-time work as the norm for every employee and doubting the commitment of anyone with caring responsibilities is not only socially irresponsible — it’s also bad business.

‘They Couldn’t Make Me A Prettier Woman’

What Tootsie taught Dustin Hoffman about female beauty ideals.

Baby Dating Websites

New website “Baby Ready” matches up people who are keen to procreate.

Chemically Assisted Relationships

Should you take the so-called ‘love drug’ to save a failing relationship?

Is Low Cost IVF Worth The Price?

The introduction of cheaper fertility treatments highlights the real cost of IVF.

Asking For A ‘Mummy Allowance’

Motherhood deserves more than pocket money, but negotiating a price isn’t easy.

Getting Sacked While On Maternity Leave

“Fifty per cent of the women in my mothers’ group were made redundant soon after they announced their pregnancy or while they were on maternity leave.”

Who’s Afraid Of The “Transgender” Cartoon Character?

Turns out, lots of American mums. But Shezow continues a long tradition of socially progressive cartoons.

When Your Mother Says She’s Fat

Learning body hatred from my mother.

Why Biggest Loser Is Bad For You

A former Biggest Loser trainer opens up about what really goes on behind the scenes.

When Free Time Makes You Feel Guilty

Why doesn’t the ‘work hard, play hard’ motto ever apply to motherhood?

Why We Need To Stop The ‘Fat Chat’

A new study shows talking negatively our their bodies doesn’t actually help us make friends.

My daughter’s at daycare – and I’m at a loss

It wasn’t my daughter who had trouble adjusting to childcare. It was me.

In defence of mummy cards

The concept of ‘mummy business cards’ hit the media last week, they – and the mothers who use them – were universally mocked.

Boys Playing With ‘Girl’s Toys’

Why don’t we encourage this more often?

Are we as comfortable with same sex parents as we think we are?

Uncovering the hidden prejudices against Mumbians.

Fat Isn’t The Source Of Our Unhappiness

The insanity of diets and how cutting out a food group or drinking diet shakes won’t improve our lives.

‘The Only Cure For Cellulite Is Good Lighting.’

Has Dita Von Teese just confirmed what we all know deep down?

Handling Cries For Help On Facebook

How seriously should you take distress signals online?

What If You Don’t Love Your Children?

Not only does 57 year-old British woman Isabella Dutton regret her decision to have children, she decided to tell the world about it in the pages of the Daily Mail in excruciating detail.

Why Airlines Charging By Weight Is A Bad Idea

Making bigger people pay more for air travel takes our cultures’ obsessive moralising around weight to new altitudes.

Stop Calling Dads Incompetent

The ‘bumbling dad’ character creates an excuse for the men who want to shirk childcare and domestic responsibilities.

Fat Shaming Kim Kardashian

Forget the post-baby body, now gossip magazines have graduated to shaming pregnant women.

Who Treats Women More Realistically?

Back off girlfriends, there’s a new bastion of women’s empowerment in town. Behold the UK edition of Esquire magazine.

What’s The Most Confronting Question Your Child Will Ever Ask?

Sometimes it takes a (very curious) child to show you’re not as sexually liberated as you think.

The Problem With Gender Reveal Parties

Inside the bizarre new trend of letting your baker reveal your baby’s sex.

Is This The Best Body Image Message Ever?

Forget screaming trainers and ritual humiliation, this Speedo-clad man is the new body image icon.

Now We’re Fat-Shaming Children

It’s bad enough that we fat shame adults for our entertainment, whilst pretending to be ‘concerned’, but setting our fat-phobic sights on children is indefensible.

Teen girls being pressured into dishing out blow jobs

For Girlfriend Magazine. My first ‘sealed section’.

Let’s Calm Down About Hilary Mantel

Let’s take a step back and see what Mantel really said about Kate Middleton, shall we?

Regressive Marital Advice

‘Bitter’ man-hating feminists have turned women into unmarriageable ‘sluts’. Really.

Trolling #TellAFeministThankYou

The exquisite irony in attacking a hashtag that urges women to speak up.

It’s February. How’s your weightloss New Years Resolution going?

Every year, weight loss tops the list of New Year’s Resolution goals. Let’s think about that for a moment — especially the ‘every year’ bit.

Pop Star Shaves Her Head To Apologise For Sleeping With Her Boyfriend

A 20 year old Japanese pop star has shaved her head and offered a filmed apology after breaking her management firm’s rules by spending a night with her boyfriend.

Why Was This Book Banned?

What the history of our banned books tells us about our prejudice.

The problem with raising “good girls”

Should parents stop encouraging their daughters to play nice?

The 9 Ugliest Feminists in America

A men’s rights blog has handed out the accolades. Unsurprisingly, I have a problem with that.

No act of sexism is ‘too boring’ to ignore

Why feminists should sweat the small stuff.

‘Pretend To Be A Man’

The surprising advice that book publishers give to aspiring female writers.

Has Barbie Got Better In 2013?

With Michelle Obama singing her praises is it time to re-think Barbie as a good role model?

‘I Watched My Own Plastic Surgery’

What I didn’t realise all those years ago, was that I didn’t walk into that surgery because I had a problem with my legs. The problem was with my self-esteem.

How Chocolate Makes You Smarter

It’s our national duty to eat more chocolate.

Accepting Rejection From A Parent at Christmas

When you realise your dad is never going to be the father you want.

Chicks Do The Ironing While Blokes Knock Back A Beer

Carlton United Breweries wins the Social Marketing Moronathon.

Secret Santa for the office misogynist

Buying the perfect Secret Santa gift for the Office Misogynist takes thought and consideration. With all the good will of the Season, we present the following gift ideas.

Behold: powerful, public parenting in action

“Girls have the RIGHT to own themselves and should not be a slave to even their mother’s deepest insecurities.” Jada Pinkett Smith.

The video every woman needs to watch

If monkeys refuse to accept unequal pay, so should we.

The baby number 2 question

I have a simple rule about the social etiquette of kid questions. Don’t ask. Ever.

How to spot a liar online

What are the most common lies we tell in our online dating profiles?

The ‘50 Shades’ divorce

Of all the grounds for divorce, ‘My husband won’t tie me up with cable ties and spank me when I’m bad,’ wins the prize for novelty.

‘Princess’ is not a career

US Supreme Court Justice shares awesome career advice on Sesame Street.

I Hated Breast Feeding

Nothing in my life has caused me to cry as much as breastfeeding. I probably produced more tears in that time than I did breast milk.

Paying to be demoralised

The motivational genius and expert in human psychology and physiology replied, ‘Let me ask you, “Are you happy with your legs the way they are?”’.

Ever felt like you’re about to be ‘found out’?

It took almost a decade of climbing the corporate ladder before it dawned on me that to some degree or another, everyone is an impostor.

Computers “for women”

No, what real women want from computers is scrapbooking. I shit you not.

What your body reveals about you

If you want to ace your next job interview, client pitch, performance appraisal or make an impact at the school council meeting then here’s a tip: spend an extra few minutes in the ladies room.

Why do men refuse to do fertility tests?

Aiming issues aside, how hard is it to ejaculate into a jar?

Are we teaching sexism to preschoolers?

As a mother who hopes for a more equal world for her daughter, perhaps concealing the real world of entrenched gender stereotypes would make for a nice change.

Why no one shops from Aussie stores online

Dear MYER and DJs: that 1998 called and it wants its website back.

Too fat for morning TV?

Making fat a moral failing and vilifying people for being fat isn’t just cruel. It’s also unjust and discriminatory.

Raising boys that feminists hate

If you long for a world where men are men, Jesus is a Hummer-driving redneck, large animals know how to stand still in front of a gun sight, and women just shut the f*#k up, then this is the parenting manual for you.

Do you know what a box gap is?

Up until this point I had been blissfully sailing through life unaware of yet another marker of beauty and worth that I have failed at.

MILS (Mothers I’d like to Slap)

You’ve heard of the MILF — Mother I’d Like to F@#%? Well, the MILS is kind of the same, except they’re the Mothers I’d Like to Slap.

Naomi Wolf gagged by Apple

iTunes bookstore has censored the title of Naomi Wolf’s recent book Vagina: A New Biography. The word appears in the online bookstore as V****a.

My speech at the Melbourne Writers Festival

About body image, the politics of fat and my next book Kill The Fat Girl

Interview with Girlfriend Magazine

The Business of Beauty

Where have all the hairy men gone?

I’m sure that when our great feminist foremothers fought for equality, a mutual obligation to wax our genitals was not what they had it mind.

Why this gender-bending ad isn’t a great leap forward

We already knew that most female bodies do not meet the cultural definition of beauty – and by implication, value and success – but according to Toyota the definition of beauty is now so far out of reach for women that you need to be a teenage boy to attain it.

Do we still think internet dating is for losers?

I’m astounded by how many people who are looking for love are prepared to look everywhere except internet dating websites.

The breastfeeding video that was turned in to porn

The real fault is at the hands of the people who turned the sacred act of breastfeeding into smut, and the wankers who think that it’s appropriate to jerk off to a video of a mother and her child.

Speaking at Melbourne Writers Festival

1 September 2012

Shaming the overweight

If we weren’t so busy tut-tutting at all the fatties perhaps somebody would have realised that the public shaming strategy isn’t working.

Time women clocked on to fertility myths before it gets too late

My article in the Sydney Morning Herald

My book OMG! That’s Not My Husband on YouTube

One of my parody picture books for adults

Body image saviours

Some women are fat, some are thin. Who cares? Get over it! Move on!

I’m not being a bitch but…

Why we put down other women to make ourselves feel good.

How much does the tabloid press hate women?

My first article published in Daily Life.

The Portuguese translation of 30-SOMETHING AND THE CLOCK IS TICKING is out now.

I love the cover of O Relógio Biológico aos 30 e Tal. But the baby on the front is making my clucky!

All diet customers are losing is their dignity, possums

It doesn’t work if you’re a celebrity. And it doesn’t work if you’re just an average Kath, Kim or Sharon.

A diet that works? Fat chance

Not only are weight-loss programs a waste of time, they can play havoc with our normal metabolisms.

My picture books are coming soon!

OMG! THAT’S NOT MY HUSBAND and OMG! THAT’S NOT MY CHILD will be published in October

An article I wrote for The Age about motherhood and domestic work

Why are men not pulling their domestic weight? Even more concerning, why do women put up with it?

Portuguese cover for 30-Something and Over It

They stand together but they are all alone.

Do mothers ‘over-share’ about their children on Facebook?

Here is an interview I did for the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mother’s Day: Ignore anything she said before giving birth

My thoughts about Mother’s Day

OMG! Kate Middleton reads my book to Prince William!

Kate uses 30-Something and The Clock is Ticking to raise the baby subject with Will.


Just in case you want to relive the highs and the lows of my book launch…and that joke I made.

Families have dined out on the public long enough

Here is an article I wrote for The Punch, but before you get outraged, it’s a joke.

It takes a village idiot

My next blog post for Random House.

Just let it happen (not)

Another blog post for Random House’s blog.

Conception Etiquette

I’m blogging for Random House this week. Here is my first post.

Watch the trailer for 30-Something and the Clock is Ticking

A date for your diary

Melbourne book launch

My thoughts on reframing motherhood

Raising funds and awareness for The Museum of Motherhood

Buy now! 30-Something and the Clock is Ticking

When Kasey Edwards discovers she’ll be infertile within a year, she is forced to bring the baby issue to the forefront of her mind. In 30-Something and the Clock Is Ticking, she explores what motherhood would mean to her identity, her career, her body, her relationships and her mental health.

30-Something and Over It

Have you ever woken up and realised that you didn’t want to go to work? I don’t mean you had a big night and wanted to sleep in, or you’ve got a boring day of meetings ahead of you that you can’t be bothered sitting through. I’m talking about being over it — completely and utterly over it.

Watch the trailer for 30-Something and Over It

30-Something and Over It

What readers are saying about 30-Something and Over It

Suddenly I don’t feel like such an ungrateful 30-something anymore. I’d like to give a copy to everyone I know and say “see, that’s what I mean”. Your genuine, unforced wit made it such a great read. I feel richer for having read it, and more confident to go out and get what I want. […]

Writing and the path to publishing

People often ask how I wrote my books and how I got published. This is what I tell them.

Draft cover designs for 30-Something and the Clock is Ticking

Draft covers for my next book

Kasey on Today Tonight

Kasey in Red magazine

Kasey in Red magazine talking about changing careers in your thirties

Thoughts on writing and publishing

When I first started writing I had a painfully romantic idea about the writing process. I fully expected that a bolt of creativity would strike me at around 2am. Always 2am. The early morning atmosphere has a certain romance that a bright sunny afternoon simply can’t match. It would compel me to leap out of […]

Radio interview with Kasey on Canberra Radio 2cc (MP3)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

30–Something reviewed in Heat (PDF)

30-Something and Over It reviewed in the 28 March-3 April 2009 edition of HEAT magazine

OMG! That’s Not My…

If you have kids, you’ll be familiar with the ‘That’s Not My’ series from Usborne. Now try the adult parody versions: OMG! That’s Not My Husband and OMG! That’s Not My Child.