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If you want to bail out of a date that’s heading toward Disasterville or Dullsville, and you don’t want to mention that nasty rash you can’t get rid of, the best approach is to raise the baby subject. According to antiquated, yet persistent, dating etiquette, nothing says ‘Bill please!’ faster than the talk of the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

That is, unless you met your date on Danish dating site (baby-ready-dot-now).

The site’s creator, French actor, playwright and engineer Emmanuel Limal, came up with the idea after seeing a woman on another dating site apologise for writing that she wanted to have a baby in her profile.

‘I think much of it is due to the fact that we’re always having to sell ourselves,’ Limal said. ‘They think: “If I don’t mention that I want children, I’ll attract more people.” But the truth is you attract the wrong types.’

On a sidenote, I suspect that Limal, who is planning to launch the dating site in other countries, has no problem finding women with whom to make babies. The man is after all an actor, playwright, engineer and now an entrepreneur. And he’s French! Talk about an overachiever.

Since launching last week, Baby-Ready has received around 50 new members per hour.

If the site achieves nothing else, it has succeeded in dispelling the myth that only women suffer from baby hunger. Just over half of the members are men.

Men are rarely accused of ‘shopping for ovaries’ the way women are slammed for ‘shopping for sperm’, but as these statistics — and Dom Knight— attest, men want babies too.


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