Asking For A ‘Mummy Allowance’

When I announced my pregnancy to my friend Sophie, her first response wasn’t breastfeeding advice, choice of birthing centres or whether to buy the all-wheel-drive Bugaboo or the one with optional deep-sea diving attachment.

Ever pragmatic, Sophie’s thoughts turned immediately to money.

“Make sure you negotiate yourself a good ‘mummy allowance’,” she advised.

“‘A mummy allowance!?”‘ I thought. “What the F… irstborn?”

My first reaction was to check the date on my iPhone to confirm what century we were living in.

The idea of asking my husband for an allowance while I took time out of the workforce to care for our daughter seemed too regressive, vulgar and infantile to even contemplate. I’m an adult; I wasn’t about to ask for pocket money.

Yes, my husband would be earning the money. But I would be caring for our child. The idea of me negotiating access to money because he earned it seemed as ridiculous as him negotiating access to our daughter because I gave birth to her.


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