Are we teaching sexism to preschoolers?

Are we teaching sexism to preschoolers? thumbnail

In 2004, the ABC was blasted for airing an episode of Play School which showed a lesbian couple and their child. Tony Abbott, the then-Federal Health Minister, said that he would have been ‘a bit shocked’ if he had been watching the show, while the then-shadow family and community services spokesperson Wayne Swan in a fit of bipartisan support labelled two women caring for and raising a child ‘inappropriate’.

Of course, that was then. Now the ABC has banished those pesky lesbians with children and reinstated traditional family and gender roles to boot.

Watch ABC 4 Kids — as I do regularly with my three year old — and you’ll discover a worm hole into the 1950s suburban nightmare of June Cleaver’s living room.

On ABC 4 Kids, girls dance and dress up and need constant lessons on how to be nice and accommodating to others. Boys, meanwhile, are off having adventures.

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