An article I wrote for The Age about motherhood and domestic work

Is sharing chores such a daft idea?

A friend recently complained that his stay-at-home-wife and mother wasn’t   pulling her weight on the home front. After slaving all day in front of a   computer sitting in an ergonomic chair and climate-controlled office, with   union-mandated lunch and coffee breaks, the poor possum had to come home and   (gasp!) cook his own dinner.

He assumed, of course, that his wife and the  mother of his children hadn’t  been working all day. And he’s right. She hadn’t  been working all day. She’d  been working all morning, all evening, and all  night.

My friend isn’t an anomaly. Many men mistakenly equate motherhood with   housekeeping.

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Susan Maushart horrified women everywhere when she wrote in The  Mask of  Motherhood that after the birth of her first child, a woman’s domestic   workload increases by 91 per cent to an average of 55 hours and 48 minutes per   week.

By contrast, her partner’s workload increases, on average, zero per cent.    Read more.

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