‘Breast is Best’ has become another way to control women’s bodies

'Breast is Best' has become another way to control women's bodies thumbnail

Breast is Best: it’s the breastfeeding slogan that’s presented as a universal truth.

From midwives and doctors to the World Health Organization, ‘Breast is Best’ is presented simply as a fact, rather than an opinion or preference. It’s even printed on the tins of baby formula.

The pervasiveness and support for breastfeeding has been chalked up as a feminist victory. We have fought, and won, not only the right but social acceptance to breastfeed our babies in public and in the workplace.

Any attempt to prevent women from breastfeeding wherever, whenever and however they please is met with public backlash and subsequent back peddling.

And that’s great. But ‘Breast is Best’ has become a dogma. And like many dogmas before it, women suffer as a result.

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