What happens when you can no longer ignore the baby question.




When Kasey Edwards discovers she’ll be infertile within a year, she is forced to bring the baby issue to the forefront of her mind. In 30-Something and the Clock Is Ticking, she explores what having a child would mean to her identity, her career, her body, her relationships and her mental health.

Kasey speaks to people who have children and people who don’t, women who claim motherhood is the best thing they’ve ever done and those who say it’s the worst. She discovers how the desire for a baby can drive people to the brink of insanity, the logistical challenges of ovulating and trying to conceive on a longhaul flight, the indignity and despair of IVF and the price of buying sperm on the Internet.

This witty memoir will make you laugh, cry and ponder the joys and regrets of motherhood. It will inspire you to tackle the baby issue head-on and on your own terms, rather than letting time, denial and social pressures make the decision for you.

What readers are saying

“Your 1st book was amazing just what I needed and so did 15 of my friends – I made them buy it though! 2nd book changed my life !!!”

“I literally couldn’t put it down! and felt the need to let you know how amazing I think the book is!”

“The most sensible book on motherhood I have ever read!”

“I found it hard to put down. It’s amazingly well written and something I think all 30 something’s I know will relate too.”

“I am sure it wasn’t your intension to make me cry, but I cried so many times I lost count.  One of the greatest things that your story telling has brought me is the feeling that I am not alone.  I think any and every woman that picks up your book and reads it will hold it with her forever.  I am sure your readers will not simply flick through, read it, get to the end and move on to the next book.  You have done an amazing job.”

“Love the book!”

“Shed some tears, but mostly laughed my way through your book. Genuinely heartfelt and thought provoking; thank you for sharing so much with so many.”

“It’s your fault I was up until 2am. I just couldn’t put your book down.”

“You are so funny. I started laughing on the first page and didn’t stop until the end. My husband kept asking what was wrong with me.”

“I’ve read the whole book three times now with eyes filled up and overflowing!”

“I tried the ‘five minute fix’ you wrote about and it worked! My husband did the ironing and we had a great weekend.”